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I was so conflicted when she dumped you Nelson. I watched you bring her out of her shell and then throw you to the side like road-kill, and she for romance for a while. I was so glad that she dumped you because then I still had a chance but at the same time she hurt you so badly and I hated to see that. I wanted to be her, but I couldn't make you see that. When you danced with me that night she left you I was so happy, for the first time I knew that you were the man for me. I had. And layed ther in bed naked--wife left for work..and heard door-keep eyes shut--she calling me-i covered up--she entered room touched my shoulder- i shrugged and rolled over laying there naked cock hanging down...she started breathing heavy ..could see see had hand up her dress and bending over bed--her big tits hanging out of her bra.....she says" I heard you fucking your wife so load, last night--made me so horney and jealous....i had to slepp with this dildo in me .she pulls it out of her. She stood now in front of her father both of them naked as she raised herself up to kiss him and to share what was left of his hot sticky spunk that was still in her mouth. What a kiss it was as her fathers spunk went from her mouth to his mouth and then back again to her hot wet mouth before they both swallowed what was left in their mouths. He lifted her onto the bed and placed a pillow under her little tight ass. He then lifted her legs until they were almost alongside her ears. Joe was on. Her breath had torn itself from her mouth as they undressed each other. Her soft moans and mews told him she was feeling without thought beyond the moment. Yet she had moved fluidly, as if nothing about his own personal desires was unknown to her. Lou absently fondled a lock of auburn hair laying errant across his chest while he further pondered the paradox.The only women he'd known previously were professionals, and their approach was so jaded he was taken by surprise by Mary's obvious.

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