Amputee Stripping Torture

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I watched the movie start to finish. It was hugely erotic, the most intense porn experience I had gained so far in my young life. (I still love its er...ticism to this day, the slow denouement of the girl, the story, the k**nap, the stripping, the women making love to her , being taken through the green door, the stage, the penetration and so on. The crescendo music than synchronised with the Keys/Chambers fuck was the best thing I had ever seen.)As soon as I started watching, and saw Marilyn. As the water caressed her steamy nether regions, the Enchantress gave a soft hiss of shock at its coolness, smiling inside at the way the cold water made her nipples stiffen and stand upright from her large, full, swollen breasts. She knew that Taurin was taking in her every curve and swell, knew that he was mesmerized by her, and she reveled in it. As the water came up to her swollen waist, then to the bottom curves of her milk filled breasts the Enchantress’ eyes became fiery with desire, and. He placed them on the floor beside his stool, returned to his seat and opened the top box. He pulled out a shoe with an impossibly high heel and held it up for all to see. Then he reached down and lifted my foot up into his lap.My legs spread even farther apart. That was obviously his intention. As a result my sex is totally displayed now. The clerk stared at my pubic mound while he slowly worked the shoe onto my foot. He did the same thing with the other shoe, lifting my foot into his lap,. I told her that YES, want ever she wanted to do, it would be cool with me!We dried off together and she led me to her bed, laid back on her elbows and spread her long legs! I got in between them and continued my pussy licking and sucking and while doing that, she was playing with her nipples. I raised up and she motioned for me to move up and she took my cock in her hand and guided it into her sweet hole! I began to fuck her and I got harder and faster and when I came, I thought it would never.

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