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“You don’t need to prove anything.”Lois couldn’t resist. “That’s right, lady. We sure wouldn’t want you to get hurt or anything.”With ...ruce glaring at Lois, Suzy quietly said: “Let him loose.”The next 5 minutes or so were pure entertainment. That is if you are a rodeo fan. That roan whirled, bucked, straight-legged, hunched, and then started all over again in reverse. For us, on the sidelines, it was over fast. I’m sure that Suzy lived several lifetimes in those 5 minutes. But after all was. A flimsypink see through petticoat was pulled over my head and cascaded looselydown over me. She didn't put a bra on me and my breasts swung freelybeneath it, the material touching and teasing my nipples even furthererect, making me quiver inside, a foolish arousal already growing. Thedress was a floaty pink totally sissy, baby dress, it flared from theneckline to the bottom hem, the whole ensemble doing very little tocover me properly and leaving me with a disconcerting feeling ofabsolute. ”Not THERE,” I howled impatiently.”Rita, why am I wearing this dumb thing? I can’t see what i’m meant to be doing and…””Alright then,” I sighed. The reason I had made Robbie wear a blindfold was because, frankly, I was worried that, when all the cover-ups were gone, he would not like what he saw. ”I’ll put one on too,” I said brightly.This was an inauspicious idea.”Robbie, can you hold out your hand… OWW!””I’m sorry!!””Try aga- oh for GOD’S SAKE!!””Right,” sighed Robbie. ”That’s it. Off comes. I’m going to see Karen for Lunch or maybe Britt if she can’t get away.”“Yes, Ma’am.”I made calls to Mr. Archer at ESPN, Mike Montavoni at the video company and they both flew to Vegas for a meeting. I told them that I wanted to start my own network and focus on extreme and less mainstream sports.Mike said, “You certainly have enough content and there could be even more if you wanted it. The helicopter skiing that just came in is breathtaking and you don’t have to even like snow to appreciate.

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