Bhabir Kutta Choda

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The dress which Radhika wore was a low neck one and her cleavage was clearly visible to everyone. The length of her dress was just a few inches above thighs and Jitesh was ogling at her fleshy thighs. He almost had an urge to press Radhika’s thighs.He went close to Deepak and whispered in his ears, “Yaar kya taangein hai iski. Kholke chodne ka Mann kar raha hai”.Sudhir overheard this and told to both of them, “Yeh randi ko toh mai hi chodunga” and all 3 of them started laughing between. She sat down, and looked at Lori with warm eyes and a friendly smile. She looked like someone’s grandmother. She probably was, Lori concluded. ‘Hi.’ said Lori. It was hard to speak. It surprised her that she still remembered how to form words like that at all. ‘How are you feeling, dear?’ She thought about it for a while. What did you reply to something like that? Real? Euphoric? Like a kid in a candy store? ‘Wonderful.’ she concluded. ‘Alive. I can wriggle my toes.’ ‘So… Lorelei, are you aware. 'That night I tossed and turned, waiting for the alarm clock to ring.When it went off, I got up, dressed quickly, washed up and hurried downto breakfast. Mom was already dressed and in the kitchen, having a cupof coffee. She had put out a quick breakfast of cereal with a banana,toast and juice. I tried to eat, but I was too nervous and left most ofit. Mom must have understood, because she didn't say anything as shecleared the table.The ride to the doctor's office was very quiet. Neither of us. By now I was on my knees with my forehead on the floor and before he was done our cum was running down the inside of my thighs. I never felt so fulfilled in my life and I remember thinking that if I died right there and then, I would die a very happy girl. When Ty finally pulled out there was such a gush of our love making come out of me I thought something must've ripped inside of me. I bent my head and could see it was just our combined love spilling out of me. At the time I didn't even think.

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