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She had a tiny button nose, narrow expressive eyes that turned into slits when she smiled and pearly white teeth with two dimples on her cheeks. She h...d long dread locks that swayed back and forth as she outstretched her arms emphasizing her point. From the pulpit she emitted power, determination, hope, promises, and (to me) sexiness. I could not keep my eyes off of her. Every step she took, every jump, every scream, every movement she made I made a mental note of it. And whenever she looked. But as my girl was around, I couldn't masturbate while chatting...So why not fuck my girl anyway?Usually our sex starts with gentle kisses or a massage, so it is mostly very romantic. But being so horny I was definitely not in the mood for vanilla sex. I wanted a hard, nasty fuck. My girl was doing the laundry and I entered the room without my pants on. So I stood there with only my hard dick and my shirt on. She looked very surprised and started laughing. But instead of sending me away, she. “Did you not notice Chris, masturbating?” Sarah asked. “Difficult not to as her door is wide open!” I shrugged. “Wanton little Slut! I told her to keep her door shut! Imagine she invited you in?” she sniffed in annoyance. “Yes she did, but I turned her down as I know how you feel about us.” I replied. “It,s about time she learned how to keep a relationship going. She,s just lonely and wants Cock and doesn,t care who’s, it is!” I agreed. “Enough about her. If she hears us fucking Rhein that,s. Fighting for space. A mother knows."I narrowed my eyes. Was he calling himself a mother trying to get on mygood side? To gain sympathy? "I guess she does," I said, taking a bite ofmy salad, giggling."Well," he struggled to get the words out. "They are why I am here." What do you mean?" Our babies," he hissed, his voice cracking. "I don't want them to die."I sat back, surprised, as his eyes filled with tears."They're innocent," he said, crying freely now, his face turning red."They shouldn't die.

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