भाभी को घोड़ी बना कर चोदा

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Slowly shaving them top and bottom. Then he spread his legs and shaved between his butt cheeks and hole area. When he rinsed off he said your turn. H... said to stand on the side of the tub. He wet my crotch and before he could put the cream on I was stiff. He laughed and said I see you really want this. He pulled my balls tight and dragged the razor over them. Afraid to move in case he slipped,I stood stiff as a board. He pushed my legs apart and went around my groin and legs, then from my. Toh unhone mere chest pe hath lagayi aur uthane lagi lekin main naatak kar raha tha. Aur main uthne ke bajaye ulta let gaya. Mom ne gusse se uthate hue mere gaand pe thapad maara.Unko kya pata ki maine kuch nahi pehna. Aur unka hath mere ass cheek ko touch hua. Chadder hone ke bawajood mere ass cheek shake hua jelly ki tarah. Mujhe bohot maza aaya. Lekin mom samajh chuki thi maine kuch nahi pehena aur unhone iss baar zor se thapad maara.Hath mere ass hole pe lagi aur main chillaya. Mom haste. She squealed loudly through the ballgag as he took a good grip on her hips and started fucking her hard with his hot cock. She moaned in pain as he pounded deep into her tight hole then slowly it turned to grunts of pleasure with every thrust. He was slamming hard against her arse causing her to be unstable on her hands and knees as she tried not to fall over whilst being slammed hard by her husband from behind. Suddenly she clenched hard and started mumbling something incoherently. Peter. Jess pinched one of them and shuddered with a moan at the sensation. Sarah had better hurry, or else Jess would have to start without her. As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. Jess let Sarah in, eying her as she walked in. She fair-skinned like Jess, and almost the same weight, but nearly a foot shorter. The resulting healthy curves didn't look fat on Sarah at all. Add to that her braided dirty blond hair, soft brown eyes, full cheeks and button nose and she was very cute. But her smile.

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