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The feeling of a guy's cock growing larger in my mouth, knowing I can get him hard and give pleasure, hearing him moan, are all a big turn on for me. ... also love swallowing huge loads of cum and miss it when I don't get it regularly, which has been the case lately. So, with my wife’s knowledge I placed an ad on Craigslist yesterday entitled Let Me Suck Your Cock. In the ad I told guys to contact me if they wanted someone with a great mouth to come to them and suck their cock and swallow their. "I love you more than anything in this world. I never, ever, want to hurt you, to make you cry." Tears began to fall from his eyes."Oh Tommy, I love you so much too."Tommy brought his lips to hers in a loving tender kiss. When he pulled away, he held her face in his hands, using his thumbs to wipe away her tears."Actually mom, it was pretty funny when we passed that old couple on the way to the car. I thought the old guy was going to have a heart attack when he saw your dripping face. I wonder. He was cool enough to send a teaser during the weekend. Probably still in mods, with the busy queue of late, but it’s been three days now not that I’m counting or anything silly like that. Don’t even know the title. None was given but, duh, we know who submitted and how it begins.Oh, what a beginning it was too. What a brusque, punchy narrative. It made my heart thump, and regions south twitch, at first sight. I couldn’t wait to follow over whatever twisted trail it was leading, and find out. It’s kind of difficult to explain why it was like that. No, it was not a building sort of living arrangement. It was a big villa that was divided into smaller accommodation types. We had the corner house to ourselves. A normal 1 BHK setting. Now let me talk about the Lady of the story. She lived in the rooms opposite to us. The arrangement was such that her Hall room was visible from my Kitchen window (this is a vital piece of info). About her, she was 30+ years of age. And she lived there with.

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