Beautiful Punjabi Gfeductive Dance

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The water below makes I hard to hear, my eyesight however proves more usefull, I see in the distance where they have camped.I move directly eager to r...scue Jora, I pass a large rock moving closer to the camp, I see Jora tied laying on the floor, and two men sleeping, as I pass the large rock I sense my error, I hear something behind me before I feel the spear pierce my back, I look down to see the spear head exit my chest, I fall to my knees. He had hid behind the rock, the man shouts to his. I leave her panties on for now as I slide backward off the bed. Her eyes flutter open and quickly follow me to the side of the bed.She watches, close up as I shimmy my own skirt down my legs. I turn in a slow circle, my hips swinging until I face her again. her eyes are wide imagining what she will see when I finally slip my panties off. A moment later she discovers my smooth, shaved pussy, dripping with lust for her and what I know lies ahead. I kick the panties free and then reach for. It was about then that I started to notice things happening to my lowerbody. I was cupping my balls with one hand, and stroking my cock with theother, when I felt my balls pulling upward, like they do when it is verycold, but they didn't stop at contracting to a tight ball. There was nopain and the pull was very slow at first, then increased in pace overabout a minute, until I was left holding an empty sack in my hands. "It'shappening." The suddent realisation of it all made my heart race. . “I know how you want to be a popular kid, and more attractive. I can help you with that.”I looked at him curiously, but I was skeptical about his claim. That's when he handed me an ornate glass vial filled with a purple liquid. “If you drink this tonight, in the morning you will be beautiful and popular. Hell, every guy will want you!”“How? What's the catch?” For some reason I was believing what he said.“Well... there is a side effect. But you have to drink it before I can tell you. But don't.

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