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Her shy smile would melt the coldest heart, but her sharp tongue could put the most cocky womanizer in his place in a heartbeat. Although I saw her ar...und the office occasionally, and we did briefly speak on occasion, I never really got much of a chance to get to know her, enjoy her company, or appreciate her beauty for any extended period of time until she began assisting my immediate supervisor. What a stroke of luck! As our mutual boss is big on delegating, rather than each of us working. I offered my hand, though I wondered if I had just done somethingstupid...gone too far......Gotten too carried away.To my extreme relief, my cramped quarters on Sand Dollar appeared aroundus."Release moorings and chart a course for home, Miss Cummins," I orderedas I released her hand."Aye, cap. Carroll already has our return computed," she informed mebefore disappearing into the passageway."Many of our sisters have inquired as to the interaction and feelingsexperienced during your liaison with. But she never resisted it as she was enjoying it which her moans could tell. On the contrary she herself was guiding me to different parts of her skin. Today she was in control of the proceedings while I was a mere slave doing whatever my little angel wanted me to do. She then pushed my head towards her boobs and started pushing and rubbing my face on both of her very hot boobs and erects nipples. I squeezed I like and licked I like mad dog. Do you remember that till I had told about near her. As she started typing the website address on the browser, there was more embarrassment in store for me. The history showed the list of all the porn sites I visited recently. “Looks like, you know quite a lot of these websites”, she quipped “some day show me all of these other websites”. I was shocked by her bindaas attitude. But then the naughty side of me asked her, “Why some day? Why not today?” She said, “because today I want to do time-pass with you”. That was too bold a statement. But then.

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