Tamil Neighbour Bath Spy

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" Apis stuttered, clearly bound by a lot of fear and discomfort but pressed by even stronger need, "Can I please put my head in your lap? Just for a l...ttle bit, just a while?" Sure, okay," Lauren nodded, her face soft and understanding as she led Apis by the hand over to the pile of cushions. She knelt down on a spot where he had room to rest on padding. Apis was panting hard and moving slowly, like every inch between them was some terrifying challenge he had to fight and overcome. He pressed. Now my tongue was in her mouth and I taste her saliva which was very tasty. We remain busy in this action for more that 10 minutes. Then I asked her to suck my cock which she refused to do. I said her that is not that bad to suck a cock.But she refused and I d not said a single word to her and ordered her to lie on bed and spread her legs. Then I start licking her pussy and also started applying ice on her pussy. After 8 minutes she gave her first orgasm. She now started pleading me to fuck her. I hated to ruin it but I knew I had to."Kasey, can you help me in the kitchen?" I asked.Unlike my limited knowledge of glances, Kasey has my lexicon down pat."What's up?" she asked when we turned the corner.I glanced furtively back into the living room."Hon, we need to watch how close you and Mark get to Carrie," I cautioned.Anger spread across Kasey's face. It wasn't what I expected."What did you do?" she asked hotly. "What did you say to her? Is she leaving?"I held up my hands to stem the. ..I watch awhile until he sees me...he tells me in a threatening voice to get undressed and get on all fours...I start to be off since my ass was sore already...Ruck jumps off the bed and tackles me....ripping off my shirt....unbuckling my pants...pushing them down...by now I am too tired to fight...he throws me on the bed...shucks my underwear with my soft 5 inches swaying...suddenly he has a ruler and handcuffs...he handcuffs my hands and feet to the posts...he takes the ruler and starts.

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