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"Carrie asked, "Am I doomed to have to live my life with a bodyguard?"Jerry shook his head, "No, not if you can get smart about how to react in certai... situations."Carrie tossed out, "Grocery shopping?"Jerry countered, "Have a list. Be fast in and fast out. Let the manager of the store know you're coming and don't want to create an incident. Suggest that they have someone meet you and accompany you through the store. If you sense trouble, get out; walk away from it."I tossed out, "Going to. Dhire se maine apna ek hath uske pair pe rakh diya aur phir uski reaction ka intjaar karne laga par wo movie dekhne me khoti hui thi phir maine apne dusre hath se uske boobs masalna suru kiya lekin wo kuchh nahi boli phir mai achanak ruk gaya phir usne bola ki ruk kyo gaye ?maine bola ki aise maja nahi ata usne puchha to phir kaise maja ata hai? Phir maine uske hotho ko chumna suru kiyaphir dhire dhire usko nanga kar diya aur usko sofe par litadiya phir maine apna hath uski choot par rakh diya. I started rubbing it through my school trousers.I guess I was lost in some sort of daydream when I realised there was a man nearby. He walked slowly along the path.“It’s a lovely spot isn’t it?” he said.I looked up and nodded nervously. He seemed to be about thirty-five to forty, dressed in casual but smart clothes; he wore a linen jacket with an open shirt and jeans and looked friendly.“Mind if I sit down?”I moved along the bench a bit and he sat down quite close to me. I really just wanted to. "Alys, you reconsigned the dais and throne, right?" I try to be calm about my not so subtle line of questioning."That's right, Daddy away said that was the throne of god." She explains."Uh, Alys didn't you say that the men were not back from fishing, when the brutes attacked?" Diana starts her own line of questioning."They was late." she remembers."And now King Louie has your doors..." Diana doesn't finish her sentence, as she suddenly realizes what that means. And what it means to young.

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