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Ranma could feel the sister relax a bit now that it seemed she didn't have to worry about an Akane/Red-in-the-Face eruption, "Daddy is Soun, "Fast Clo...d". Lets just leave it at that."Ranma said, "There's a family theme here in the names, right?"Nabiki said, "And other families don't have themes?"Ranma, the Wild Stallion, thought of Genma, the Dark, Unpolished Stallion, {Okay, point taken.} ===When they got to the third floor, Nabiki pointed to the signs above the classroom doors. "1-F.. ’ Carol (my daughter) and Lisa, I noticed were starting to become very much into touching each other….still I didn’t think much of it. Girls go through a bi-curious stage about then….but one thing was different. Slowly they started fondling each other in front of me and kept giggling to see my reaction. They kept looking at me as they were flaunting this to try and get a rise out of me….and they were succeeding. Watching these two girl feeling each others bodies was a great turn on for me. They. Roberta smiled at Michael as she asked, "Are you ready to go?" I was born ready," Michael answered.Roberta laughed at his confidence before she unzipped her pocketbook andremoved a silver necklace with a heart shaped locket."Lift up your hair," she ordered.Michael responded with haste before his grandmother placed the necklacearound his neck and locked it in place. As she moved her hands awayfrom the back of his neck, she said, "Now, you're ready."Michael clutched at the necklace before his. She gasped as I began feeling around inside her pussy with my finger. I had learned a great technique from my past experiences that made making a her cum nice and easy by fingering: you simply tickle the g-spot which it on the inside of the stomach side of the pussy. There is a little different texture to this area and if you tickle it and lick a girls pussy she is guaranteed to cum.My dick was as hard as a rock, she moaned as I finger fucked her. Then she decided she wanted to suck my cock.

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