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I froze. Didn't know what to do, but I opened the door. It was the taxi driver I fucked 6 months ago. 'What are you doing here?''Just came by to say h...''Where you following me?''Maybe, can i come in?''sure'I let him in and sat on the sofa, I sat in front of him. Soon as I did, I noticed that big cock was all hard, couldn't stop staring at it. I guess he liked me looking at it as he started rubbing it on top of his trousers. 'you look so fucking sexy tonight, saw you on the street, loved that. She didn't say the "right man," but the right person. It certainly got my hopes up. I stared into her eyes, my inhibitions shedding with my need for something to happen. She leaned over to put her cup on her bedside table, and brushed my arm with her breast. I could feel the electricity of her touch surge through me. As she moved back, I gently put my hand to her face, leaned up, and kissed her on the lips.I pulled back and looked at her. She didn't pull away from me. She simply looked at me.. - Are you crazy? Do you realize what you’re saying? I told you you shouldn’t drink that much wine, now you’re trying to break our friendship.- I’m not drunk Chloe. No, actually, I think my mind has never been this clear. You don’t break up with him because you want to keep seeing me. You want me. Don’t try to deny it, I saw the way you look at me, and I know you like girls as much as you like boys.”As she was talking, Lucy put Chloe against the wall, putting her arms upon her head and keeping. "AHH! Right there!" she moaned, as she pressed her hips into my wandering hand. I continued to gently tease her nipple while I fingered her cleft, her rapid breathing telling me I was doing something right.I leaned down to take her other nipple into my mouth, the sparse fur around the areola feeling silky on my tongue. I could feel a powerful purr vibrating her body as I licked her areola and nipple, and I plunged my fingers in and out of her sopping slit. She groaned as she reached into my.

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