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They held my hands, one in each of theirs as we went downstairs.Auntie Helen was waiting for us and she gave me a big smile and bunchesof hugs and She said, "Now that you have been cleaned out realgood I bet you are real hungry, aren't you?"I realized my tummy felt much better and I was real hungry so I said,"Yes, I am real hungry, Auntie Helen, please don't put anymore thingsin my bottom, ok?"They all laughed and Helen said, "I won't Honey, your doctor insistedwe do that because you. All were registering erotic messages that turned my climax into a multi one that I reveled in with each thrust of his swollen cock into my willing body.I screamed my damned head off in passion and mixed pain as I hung there. His hands dug into me. His cock pounded. Sweat stung my paddle heated ass. Then he was coming. Filling me to overflowing. Triggering even harder spasms of lust and passion.With his last spurt of man juice up my very receptive body, Jason pulled away from my hanging body and. On return, I sat next to her, but a little closer. Our thighs were now touching. She didn't flinch or pull away, so I figured it was OK with her. She rested her hand on my thigh as we began speaking with each other again. I patted her hand, then rested my hand on hers. We made eye contact and stopped talking. My face only inches from hers, I leaned forward to give her the slightest of kisses. She apparently had a different idea, for she pressed her lips against mine, quite hard. As a mature. She did the same with my toes. She waited for them to dry andpainted them again. She did this 13 times in total. My face was thenmade up with heavy make up and my eye lashes extended. Blood redlipstick was applied to my lips.When she had finished making me up she raised my arms and slid a smallblack dress around my tiny body. The dress fell to my thighs and wassplit on both sides. Then came the boots and these were the steepestheels I had seen and must have been six inches in height. They.

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