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My heart skipped a beat.“You are watching porn??” She exclaimed angrily, after seeing a glimpse of the webcam window from afar. “You have become...older but still you like all this trash”And moment she realized what was on the screen, she got even more alarmed “Ajit that’s is a naked guy you are watching. Whats wrong with you ? Are you becoming a gay”I was very nervous.“No baby, I am just hearing his fantasies. I am not gay at all”But as we were talking I could see her staring at the screen. “who. " How do I taste Teresa? I have always wondered about that. How do I taste?" Hey, since I am his daughter I should be able to let him cum in me too. After all, I got you two together."They were teasing and not at the same time. I had never seen anything like it. Of course I had never had four women at once either. Teresa just smiled and hugged me close. I noticed that she always had a hand or was touching me in some way now. Showing that I was her property I guess. I didn't mind in the least.. I couldn’t believe Becky was sucking my cock. Her beautiful brown eyes looking up at me as she tried sucking all of my cock into her mouth and throat. Her gagging was sexy as her eyes teared up. Such a dirty girl I told her, playing with your pussy while watching me. Fuck, I couldn’t hold back, Becky moaned on my cock as she devoured me, taking my loads of cum down her throat. Her wet slurping sounds were loud, but no one heard us, it was incredible. Becky stood and kissed me, then. During Nikki's trip to the USA to film "Boogeyman 3", where she appeared naked, she had been enticed to join (although she didn't need much enticing) with a couple of girls in the cast, in wonderful sex sessions involving a well-hung black porn star, femdom bondage, fucking machines, lesbian sex -- the works. Nikki really felt like a complete woman after this trip and she kept going on at Tina to live a little and experiment. Tina always found an excuse but under the surface she was so excited.

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