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Her hair was wet due to the rains and a strong feminine odor was radiating out of her. I simply lost in admiring her. She tapped me and I just realize... what I have done. I still remember the conversation which goes as follows:P: What happened?Me: Nothing, I was thinking something. Anyway, you are looking different today?P: Different?Me: Arey, different in a nice way, like sexy.P: Kuch bhi. Anyway, thanks. So will you help me?Me: Sure, anything for you. But as exams are nearing, you will need to. You just punched in your home number and boom, you were talking to Mom! We heard that the Colonel was paying for them out of his own pocket, and that just showed the guy was a class act. He gave them to a pair of sergeants, who would travel from camp to camp, visiting each one once a week, and if you wanted to call home, you’d sign up for it. It worked out to about twenty minutes a week, and that sergeant would sit there across the room with a stopwatch, timing you. There was no guarantee when. It seemed I held her like that for a long-time, but really it must have been only about 10 seconds."Coffee will do fine Jess," I said trying to act normal but I now had a raging hard on, which was surprising me, getting a hard-on over an old woman.Jess moved away then turned and looked at me, I just couldn't understand the look she gave, it was as though she wanted to stay where she had been with my hands on her breasts. Then for no obvious reason I said. "Come here Jess," and she did.Right. I stop across from the office window and make the first move looking at the window and to my delight the stupid fucker did just that, leaving the middle set of blinds opened just enough. Guess he's not worried about being caught or just caught up in the moment so fully never thinking to check. Either way, I win I'm thinking reaching into my bag and pulling out my cell. Leaning against the wall opposite the window, pawing at the keypad as though I'm making my afernoon call to someone somewhere..

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