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Chalo gud night. Ab mai sone jaa rahi hun.Jiju : ohh, akele akele ;) kabhi hume bhi to invite ki jiye. Ha ha haMe : he he he, jiju aaj ap bahot jyada ...aughty ho rahe ho. Lagta hai didi najdik nahi hai kahi.Jiju : wo tv dek rahi hai.Me : isi liye. Chaliye jiju. Gud night. Kal milte hai.Jiju : gud night new friend. Ab se hum dost bhi bann gaye. Ek naav ke musafir ;)Me : thik hai jiju. Off sorry, ab se dost. But mai kaungi aap ko jiju hi. Bye now.Is tarah hamari kaafi chat hue and fir mene gud bye. The music began again.The chains pulled her arms and legs tightly into the shape of an X. The platform tilted back a bit, leaning in a 60 degree angle this time.Something like feathers began slowly teasing her sensitive nubs back into hardness. She sighed aloud at the feeling and felt her heat begin to rise again.She felt a small dildo, almost the size of a finger, begin to move slowly across her slit, massaging it. Gently, oh so gently.Too gently.She tried to buck against it, but no, she. My name’s Andy and I’m 17 years old. My body built is athletic and height is 1.8 meter since I play basketball at school. If anyone wants to talk to me or give me feedback here’s my email The maid’s name is Nasem and her age is somewhere around 32-35 years, she has two kids, huge boobs, and a giant ass but I prefer her boobs.Now coming to the story as you people might know that my family consists of me, my mom, younger sister, and dad. Dad has a job out of town and lives there. My family went. .??FINALLY she says ?cum at will slut but don’t stop!?I respond with a cry ?Ohhh thank you Mistress thank you so very muchyes Mistress?Miss releases my tit?only to give it another slapI wince from the painShe watches my breast bounce and shake from the blow in fascination and continues to ram her fingers inside my? pussy?slaves cum when Mistress’s will itonly thenonly only onlytheir bodies belong to ustheir tits are ourstheir cunts are ours? I? beg to cum with my eyes as she keeps.

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