Casting Curvy: Playing "Just The Tip" With My Girlfriend's Hot Sister

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I can’t loose this job, I…” Lee put his finger to his lips and stepped close to me. “Show me what’s under the dress.” He had no emotion i... his eyes.I slipped out of the heels and unzipped my dress from the back. Lee walked round me looking me up and down, black 2 piece and stockings. He stood behind me and I felt his cock pressing against my ass cheek, breath on my hair. His body was warm, without any warning his hand was down the front of my knickers, his found my soaked pussy, his finger. She thanked us for helping her, which was a shock to me. She was never nice. Trish said she liked packing stuff so she would start on the kitchen upstairs. I asked Steph what she needed done first, and she said laundry and handed me a basket. I managed to make my way to the laundry room and started sorting clothes. I found a few pairs of panties that didn't get me too excited. Trish always wore thongs, but it looked like Steph was more of a bikini girl. I closed the washer and headed back to. At least his juice tasted good.Gloria was thinking about the likely attributes of her next visitor and the likelihood of her pleasuring herself on the impaling protrusions between her legs when The Master interrupted her reverie. He told her, as he released her from the stocks, how pleased he was with her endeavours. The Master took Gloria, still blindfolded with the eye mask, to the ladies change room. He gave her a nice cold glass of champagne to sip. They both agreed she did not yet need a. I was going to take mine off, but I couldn't stop looking at him. He had muscle on top of muscle. I couldn't resist. I ran my hands over his back. He just stood there and let me explore. I ran my fingers down his spine. I took my hands away. I was afraid this man was a dream. Then he softly said, 'Don't be scared Sir'ene I am no dream.' When he spoke those words, It was if he had read my mind. I touched his arms. His arms were solid as a rock. I was fascinated by them. I went back to his back.

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