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It took a minute before I hear, “Baby Lizzy are you ready to get up and enter your new world?”Everything that happened last night floods over me. ...ith a huge intake of breath, as I roll over and look up into your wonderful eyes, I realize you are not Daniel, but my Daddy.How has this all happened? Three days ago, I did not even know you. Now we are entering this wonderful new world.You just smile at me as I wake up. And now, rather than my back, I feel your hands through the covers running up. The Nun looked at her and then Erik who had joined Ingrid and said, "Ah yes,the camera,the Abbess has possession of it." Where can we find the Abbess?" Ingrid asked,feeling her face get hot with embarrassment.The Nun opened the gate and beckoned them inside, "Go to the door next to the chapel,the Abbess will see you there."Ingrid and Erik walked to the door next to the chapel as directed by the Nun who was now locking the gate,they exchanged glances;"Well knock," Ingrid said."Fuck,it's like. Momentarily, I personally have felt a strong itch down at my pussy, my clit started getting hard and I felt my pussy misty, I felt as if an electrical current went through my whole body, I was fully turned on too, but it was only then that I have realized how nude I was in front of that stranger boy who was standing by the door inside my house.I was embarrassed too, I placed a hand over my pussy trying to cover it up while my other hand went over my tits, I looked at him and smiled, he said. She said she hadn't been able to afford one or even bum one in over amonth.Then Mattie added, "I never thought I'd have the courage, willpower orstamina to quit once I had money to buy a pack again. I started to buya pack at least three times, but then I thought you might bedisappointed in me and the thought of disappointing you after all you'vedone made me stop even though I knew you would never say anything bad tome about it. In other words, quitting would never have been possible ifnot for.

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