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***He came round about an hour later, but by then I was ready for him. Heopened his eyes and I got a classic panicked 'Where the Hell am I?'expression... before he caught sight of me. I was sitting in the armchairlooking straight at him and between us on the coffee table were thecontents of his pockets, neatly arranged.He tried to jump up, to get away, but that's only an option if you'renot tied hand and foot to the sofa. After a minute or so of struggling,he relaxed and looked back to me,. I give him another once over, inspecting the package. A small smile crosses his face at my appraisal. He’s a man. He can’t help himself. What the hell, I can use some excitement tonight.Like an unspoken signal he lays his money on the bar. With a nod I point to a staircase towards the back, blocked off by a velvet rope. The dance is not a complicated one. He stands, I stand. His hand rests on my lower back as we make our way through the throngs of businessman. The man guarding the rope pays us. I had left the clothes I chose for his approval on the sofa.“Do you think you are appropriate to leave with me slut?” he questioned.“I thought it would be to your liking”, I said. Then I felt a hard slap on my ass. “Do not be insolent slut!” he quipped, “This will not do, strip down leaving only your heels on!”I began to remove my undergarments and stood bared naked in front of him. He left the room and came back with a leather bag. He threw me some clothes. “Put these on now slut!” he. “Well, yeah, sis, I do. And if they are, they’ve probably been doing it a while, and I don’t see any problems between any of them. Does anyone else? I mean, they don’t act as if there’s anything wrong going on.”Rob said, “I don’t think so either. I mean, look. We’re all doing it with our girlfriends, and we all shower together and do everything else except sex together. We’re okay, why shouldn’t they be?”“I’m sure you’re right, Rob,” Sally said. “Who wants to scrape the cookie bowl?”Once the.

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