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I think you'd better apologize."Natalie knew what was coming. She flushed with shame, but she was now thoroughly rehabilitated. She knew that if she d...d not perform flawlessly she would be subject to weeks of the horrible punishment she had been receiving. She could not imagine how Bill could make her life any worse, but she did know he would find a way.Natalie did what she thought was expected. "I'm sorry that I was snippy to you, Mr. Jones. It won't ever happen again. I was a naughty girl and. I couldnt quite feel her warmth through her pants, so I lifted her butt off the couch and pulled them off as well and threw them to the floor not too far from her shirt. She watched me with lustful eyes as I saw her nearly naked body, her only cover being her tiny black thong. I kissed her neck, gently moving down past her delicious nipples and further still. She gasped as I passed her naval and over the top of her panties. I breathed in her scent as I tried licking her lightly through the. Do you want tolay back down or stay sitting up?" "I'd like to stay sitting for a while, please." I requested.*** "Your patient was moved to Room 109, as you requested Doctor." "Thank You, Nurse," returned Dr. Kline with his classic broadsmile. "I don't expect any problems, but why take chances."*** "Where is our patient?" inquired Dr. Maxwell. "I just came fromRoom 105, and it was empty." He waved his hand roughly in the directionof the emptied room with some agitation. "I've had her moved.". ”“No, no, I’m fine, honest. Yeah, see you soon. Oh, and come round the back door.”She hung up, smiled and took another drink of wine.Fifteen minutes later, Dave came back into the kitchen. He looked at Caroline standing by the fridge, her ass resting against the worktop, a glass of wine in her hand. He took a glass from the cupboard and poured himself a glass and sat down at the table.No one spoke.“By rights, I should throw you out. Or call the Guards. I could have a barring order slapped on.

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