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I smiled when I thought about him telling me to call him “Daddy.”“What are you thinking about?” Daniel said, startling me. I hadn’t realized...he was awake and staring back at me.“Just about last night,” I responded, and he grinned at me.“Ready for an encore, little sis? Hate to waste morning wood,” he said hopefully as he stroked his erection.“Um, no. Mom and Dad must already be up and if they catch us together like this…” I said and trailed off.“You’re probably right,” he said with a sigh.. I leaned in kissing her all over as she tweeked an pulled her nipples. Before i knew it i had her on the table on her back my mouth eagerly licking at her sweet tight pussy. Feeling her juices running down my chin pooling under her as i worked her deep. Her hands holding my head as i tongue fucked her deep. I got a shock when she moaned an her body shook as she squirted. The first time i ever seen it an oh my it was sexy to see. She climbed down dropoping to her knees eagerly pulling my shorts. Slowly, Lou turned to Kim, who was in the process of taking off her knickers off. She threw them to the sofa. Her boobs were not as big as Lou’s, but looked firm with pointy, long nipples. She too was clean of any pubic hair. Neither woman looked at me. They looked into each other’s eyes and stepped closer till their nipples touched; then they started to kiss. Both placed their hands onto each other’s arse and rubbed softly. My cock was stiff from the action in front of me. I now knew what. That night, it was just Nancy and I in bed together and I told her about my conversation with the Cat that morning. Not about how she had given me the keys to unlock the mystery of why Nancy was with me, but about how she was feeling about her own life. Nancy said she'd talk to her, and then we made a quiet sort of love, looking each other in the eye while our hips slowly moved together. She could see that something had happened but sensed it wasn't the time to talk about it yet and she was.

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