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Thankfully he turned the lights on and it became really cool, lit with black lights and a crazy entertainment system. Porn played on a 60 inch screen,...the scene was a bunch of guys cumming all over a woman's snatch followed by a dude getting sloppy seconds and another guy slurping the goo out of her. It was pretty hot. We smoked a joint to lighten the mood and shortly after he asked if I was ready. I said I was and he said I could put my clothes on a chair in the corner which I did. Master left. She was dressed in a shortish grey skirt with a see through blouse, four inch heels and tan nylons.I got to work on the washing machine while she busied herself around the kitchen. Half an hour later I slid the machine into place, the job done."wow, that was quick" she said, "how much do I owe you?" "Oh nothing" I said, a bit embarrassed that she had asked."well then let me give you a hug " she said. She came towards me with her arms open and put them around me and pulled me into her. I. Her husband died ?whende boy was born and she did never marry again. Herhusband and his friends did abuse her very much and she never liked man afterthat. So she had an boy but brought it up as agirl.? She had a female tutor? for him and lethim do all kind of girly things.? Let hishear grow long, had him wear girls clothes and even had a grow stimulating hormone ?for hisbreast when he grew up. Her husband had called them Jon and Evangeline but whenhe was dead she changed it in Joan and Evy. . ?Lydia, you?re a feminist, you?re avaluable person.? Doctor Greenstahl had urged her. ?And it?s so expensive, Lydia?it?s not good, having a man treatyou this way and even paying him for it.? Lydia moved away from her car, prayingthat no one messed with it. Goddamn George ChristopherCasemont, full time slacker, and part-time Master. Orfull-time Master, but not for her. ?MALEMASTER LOOKING FOR GENEROUS FEMALE SUBMISSIVES FOR BRIEF INTERLUDES. I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHAT A PILE OFBILE YOU ARE.?That.

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