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I used your credit card. Don’t try and find me.’ Turning the envelope over his card fell out into his palm. He hadn’t even noticed that one was ...issing. How much money had she taken from him? Sinking down onto the couch, he sat there, her final kick in his stomach sinking in. Leaning back he just sat there as the gloom descended into dark, too tired to move, too exhausted to think, too drained to feel. * Misha woke the next morning to the ringing of the phone. Struggling up to sitting from. She and I had planned to go "fishing",but nobody answered when I knocked on the back door. I figured they must have gone into town for some reason,since the car wasn't there,and that they would be right back. I started to walk home when I heard some strange noises coming from her bedroom window.Climbing up into the tree behind her house,I peeped in the window. I could see Sherry laying on top of the bed. She was on her back,her legs were in the air and she was naked. Grandpa Dan was naked too. Dave swept her hair back, telling her how much of a good little slut she was, his actions very genuine and comforting to the mind broken teenager whom laid taking cock after cock and punishment after punishment. Sinking the plant into the soles of her foot, Alex ground the wildlife against her bare feet. I knew she would have trouble walking. I also knew that in an hour or so she would be off to leave us all alone, abandoned. We had nothing to lose because we would have nothing to leverage her. “Don’t give me that shit,” Barb told him. “I like my men manly, cut, hung and obedient.” She turned to Paul. “Well?” Paul thought for a moment. “Probably tastes like chicken,” he said. We all cracked up. “My turn?” I asked. “Randy got to fuck; Paul got a hand job, what’s in it for me?” “Sweet dreams and a chance to do some working out. Starting with your right hand.” Barb was to the point. We all got more beer, and finally Josh got home. He had met Veronica at the apartment she shared with.

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