”. phir chachi ghum kar mere lund ki taraf dekhne lagi. Unhone mera pajama aur underwear ek saath hi nikal diya. Phir chachi mere lund ko apne haath...se dhire dhire sahlane lagi. Mujhe itna maza aa raha tha ki maine apni ankhen band kar li. Thodi der baad mujhe apne lund par kuch garam garam aur gila sa mahsus hua.To maine akhen khol kar dekha to chachi baithi hui thi aur mera lund chahi ke muh mein tha. Ye nazara dekh kar main pagal sa ho gaya aur jharne laga main bahut hi zor se jhara , chachi. That’s when someone from the crowd in his mid 40’s came to us and asked, “Mind for a dance?”I looked at Anjana. She wasn’t sure but I gave her a nod. she wasn’t sure but went ahead with it. I saw them both dancing I noticed Anjana like never before. Where she was the sexiest woman on the planet. I had pangs of arousal in my pants. It was evident she wanted to dance with me.I got her signal and went took over. Song after song played which was getting peppier and faster by the moment. We both. I am going to be 45." That exactly is the problem," I smiled. "Even I can't believe that you are going to be 45."For the first time since our conversation began, I could see her face going rigid for a moment. There was no way I could go back having gone so far into engaging my mother into such a conversation. My fingers reached to her lips, held and gave them a gentle press. She took no time in pushing my hands of her and attempted to rise from the bed. My hands flew towards her waist to hold. . Oh shit, oh my God, you need to stop teasing. You're k**ding right?" My wife just kept staring at me almost the way someone does when they just heard a long joke and didn't quite get the punch line.I immediately walked to the dresser and poured another shot for each of us, when Caroline finally said something. Still in shock and with a slight yet confused grin, she said sarcastically, "Oh my God, my husband has a few drinks and wants to watch me give a guy a hand job. I suppose if you pound a.

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