Part 2 Of Stranger Ramming Slutwife

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" Huh." was all he said. We sat in silence again.Eventually, Beth called down, "Oh Alex, are you ready?" Jeez! You the one wanna go ta this thing. Let...s go!"I was answered with laughter. Then Beth slowly made her way down the stairs. When she reached the base, Lisa appeared and slowly came down. I sighed deeply and looked at my watch. They were determined to make a production out of this. Brandon followed Lisa, and I had to admit, I was getting used to seeing a girl.Then Sheila finally entered.. “Ivy deserves it,” Colonel Stiles said. “Without her and my other concubines, I think the pressure of dealing with this disaster would have destroyed me.”“How is it a disaster?” I asked. “Both ships are repairable.”Colonel Stiles looked at me. “Seven dead crew on Ipanema. Worse, we now have two systems that have been taken over by the Sa’arm.”I nodded. “I will agree with you that the Sa’arm have definitely started exploiting the system where Corsica got smacked around. We can visit again, but. We both had to pee, and then when heleaned in to turn on the shower, I wrapped my arms around him and startedkissing his back while my hard cock rubbed his thigh.In the shower, I took the soap and washcloth and started to wash him. Isoaped his broad shoulders, his muscular back, his gorgeous ass, hissculpted chest and his washboard abs. I knelt and started to wash hiscock and rubbed my soapy hands all over his balls and up between his legsinto his ass crack. I soaped his strong legs and. "Heather couldn't stand it anymore. The two girls locked in a kiss, their hands running along each other's skin. Brianna unbuttoned Heather's shorts and slipped her fingers along the blonde's damp mound and she moaned in response to the touch. Whatever the d**g was that the clinic had given them, it had certainly worked. To Heather's best knowledge, Brianna had never even kissed a girl, yet here they were, acting like a couple of lesbian lovers. Brianna took her by the hand and they went to her.

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