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She suddenly opened her mouth and took my finger in and started sucking it. Fuck, I couldn’t believe this was happening, I had waited for this for a long time. Her tongue was wrapped around my finger licking and sucking every corner of it. Our friend was busy rolling ad was too drunk to care what was happening.I shifted up from the reclined seat and my head was leaning from the top of it and it was leaning right above her face as she laid in the rear seat. With her eyes, she pointed. Rodney was looking at me confused but I knew what was missing from the moment. ‘Where’s your hat?’ I pointed out. Rodney looked over at his dresser to see his black ball cap sitting on it. I nudged him off of me and went over to the dresser to retrieve it. I laid back on the bed and he was holding himself above me again. I placed his hat on his head and turned it around to where the bill was facing away from me. ‘Why did you want for me to wear my hat?’ he asked. ‘It really suits you Rodney’ I. “Oh god Michelle that feels sound good.” I tell her. “I know it does, now cum for me Annie cum for me.” She whispers in my ear. When I hear her tell me to cum for her I do. My body starts quivering as my hips are bucking up and down as she continues to finger me. “Oh God, Oh Michelle!” I cry out as I cum. I lay there for a moment and then turning over I tell her, “Mine turn now” as I start kissing her. I start kissing her neck and chest as my hands rub her tits. I take her breast in my. Pushing, pushing, I could feel Lovely's passage clinging to me, stretching, expanding to accept me. Slowly but surely I went deeper, filling Lovely while she made little sounds of appreciation. At the start, anyway. I pulled back, just a little, and returned, hearing Lovely giving a happy little sigh and pushing to take me again. Another little movement, with another happy response. This continued for a few moments, and I could sense Lovely getting a little frustrated. She was expecting more.

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