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I was such a naughty mother.Not long later, my son finally walked into the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around me and tried to feel on my breasts thro...gh my apron.“Good morning, Carol.” He said.“Hey, young man, that’s mom to you. Just because I let you fuck me and sleep in my bed doesn’t mean you can call me by my first name. I am still the woman who gave birth to you, so you should still call me, mom. I guess I still deserved that much respect from you.” I said firmly with a smile.“I’m sorry. Do you really want to go again?" Mmmm, yesss please, you bet!" replied Mary as another lustful urgepulsed urgently through her sex.Simone glanced up at Dorie Lou."Don't you want a go?" Not yet, darling, later, let Mary have another go."Simone reached out her hands to Mary and smiled."Come on then darling. Climb aboard."Mary needed no second prompt. Eagerly, she straddled Simone's beautifulcurves and was soon addressing the returned urgency in her deepest core.After this second act, it was. I swallowed nervously, suddenly aware of what we were doing. Kevin was like my brother and he had his finger shoved deep inside my vagina, and I loved it. I was more excited than I had ever been and could almost have orgasmed on the spot, but I held off. The longer I denied my orgasm, the bigger it would be. Kevin curled his finger inside me pressing against the soft slippery skin inside me and just as I thought it couldn't get any better, I felt a warm moist touch on my clitoris.I looked down,. Any men, they felt certain, would have vanished through the backs of the houses, taking anything worth having with them. Still, perhaps there would be some fun to be had.Abdur, as the Sergeant in charge of the detail, had already decided where he would start and so he offered Nagib and Jalal, the two Corporals, second choice of houses. The three Riflemen in the patrol, Gadhi, Ebrahim and Bukhari, were then told which houses to check.Watching over his men, the Sergeant, a grizzled veteran of.

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