Desi Housewife Sex Scandal MMS

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I could see Alana out of the corner of my eye with a look of satisfaction on her face. Suddenly, James pulled me up and bent me over the desk. It was ...lana's turn now. She came up behind me, pulled down my panties, and jammed two fingers in my pussy. I gasped with excitement. James came in front of me again. "I didn't say you could stop, slut!" he yelled as he grabbed my head and thrusted his cock in my mouth again. I moaned onto his cock sending little vibrations up his shaft. He groaned while. .. consummate the marriage.So the newly wed couple ended up going to their villiage's wise woman.She told them, "I believe I can help you, if both of you will take thishonesty potion. The only way to solve your problems is by telling eachother the truth."The two took the potion, and under its influence the husband revealed thathis issues with sex were because he had always felt like a girl.His bride was surprised that she really wasnt surprised, that she had feltthe girl within her husband all. I finally put my hands in my vagina and started fingering my clitoris. The juice was releasing slowly out of my soft vagina , I slowly pulled my hands out of my pussy and then ran my fingers over his hands, neck etc, I got aroused when I saw his hairy thighs and his boxer pulled up and I could see hairs getting dense above. I could see a bulge on his boxer and I went mad after looking at it, I slowly started feeling his rock hard cock from above, he made some movement which made it easy for me. I crawled back up beside her and held her while her body shook. When she finally had control of herself again, Karen said, "My God, Ed. Masturbating never felt like that." I'm glad it was good, Sweetheart." Now, I want you in me." Honey, are you on birth control?" Yes. I had mom get me on the pill right after we started dating. We're safe." Okay, Love. I'm as new to this as you are. I've read though that it is easier if the girl gets on top for her first time. That way she can decide how fast.

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