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One of the pimps was standing behind her with a leather belt and there were bruises on her back.I watched for an hour while she sucked 6 cocks. I was ...old she’d be working for 12 hours and I should come back at 11PM.I probably should have quit than and there but was much too scared. So I came back at 11PM. Both pimps were present and they unchained the girl. They gave her a pair of panties, put her in the trunk of a car, and the three of us drove to a park about an hour’s walk from the. I was hoping she was looking for some privacy to touch me or even suck me. I was very very mistaken.In a very secluded, heavily wooded area she saw a man just hanging out. Grinning widely, she took my hand and pulled me up and said hello to him. He smiled at her, smiled more widely at me as he said hello. I gasped, shocked, as she came right out and openly asked him if he would like her boyfriend to suck his cock! Laughing, he quickly agreed and I started to sputter and protest.Shut up slut she. I wanted to taste her so badly that my mouth was watering. Her breathing had picked up even more, and her whole body was reacting to my lips and tongue.“Listen carefully. I want you to lick my pussy. Long licks. Start at the bottom and go up, use the flat of your tongue.” Melissa was panting now, having problems speaking in full sentences. I followed her instructions and gave her pussy nice, long licks. I didn’t really know what I was doing so I improvised, changing pressure, sometimes. I also got nude and slept on her.Then we started kissing and doing foreplays for quite some time. She also started kissing me passionately as if she got a chance suddenly after a long starving. I started sucking her nipples. She said now there is no milk. Earlier you used to suck my nipples for milk. Then I went down and started licking her love hole. She smiled and said, you know you came out from the same hole and now you are making love with it. I said its multi-purpose mom, love you. Then.

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